Conference Calls

Call for Scientific Papers, Experience-Based Cases, Special Events, Workshops and Open Sessions

This year’s Annual International Conference of the Triple Helix Association invites participation of academics and practitioners in two modes. Colleagues are invited to submit extended abstracts of 5 pages (2000 words) for classical scientific papers, or 1-2 pages (700 words) for experience-based cases. All abstracts and experience – based cases should be submitted on-line.

For classical scientific papers submissions should provide:

  • Introduction, context of the study and clear investigative questions
  • Literature review methodology and theoretical framework
  • Substantive evidence; data presentation discussion and analysis
  • Conclusions; lessons learned, policy implications, and recommendations for further research.

For Experience-based cases the presentation should offer:

  • Description of the practice and framework conditions
  • Outline of the delivery and financial or support mechanism as appropriate
  • Results and impact including evidence of failure and success
  • Recommendations for improvements, organizational transfer and scalability
  • Conclusions and lessons learned.

Deadlines for submission of abstracts:

31st July 2016 – for regular tracks

31st July 2016 – Social Innovation Plenary more…

31st August 2016 – Open Session more…

New Call for Papers

To register for one of the special events, please, submit on-line your request and proposal and a statement of your interests (optional) – at the abstract submission facility ‘Submit your abstract’, selecting conference track section OTHER EVENTS, and indicating your preferred session in the box ‘Title’ (step 3: Enter Metadata). During your registration, you may upload any personal statement or question (s) you would like to address – in a word file (optional). These statements and questions will be circulated to all registered participants prior to the event.