Open Sessions

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Triple Helix Funding Opportunities and Professional Community Development

Facilitators: Prof Panayiotis Ketikidis and Adrian Solomon

 Duration: 90 minutes


The THA’s University-Industry-Collaboration Thematic Research Group is pleased to invite THA members and conference participants and representatives from local authorities and businesses that wish to become THA members and to join the THA-led research consortium – to a round-table discussion on funding opportunities towards the development of the THA professional community.

The aim of the round-table is to discuss potential EU calls for applications (and not only) for projects in the focus areas of THA. Through the round-table discussion we seek to establish interested partnerships and project ideas corresponding to specific funded calls that will lead to confirmed project applications in order to raise funding for research and networking in THA’s areas. Part of the THA members have already been successfully involved in acquiring such funding as well as further project applications have been performed, however, by organizing this event, a wider coverage of the THA network can be engaged in this process. We encourage also non-THA members to register to the THA and take part in this round-table in order to capitalize their strengths within a strong global network.

 Practical experience:

  • Identification of suitable open calls from the EU, national governments, foundations
  • Development of potential ideas that would suit the identified calls
  • Trigger potential consortia/interested partners
  • Propose and set deadlines for the next steps — mechanism to ensure funding sustainability for the THA community

Facilitators’ credentials:

Prof Panayiotis Ketikidis is President – Triple Helix Association Chapter of Greece; Chairman, South East European Research Centre and Vice Principal for Research, Innovation and External Relations, The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College

Adrian Solomon is Project Manager for EU funding application & implementation, South East European Research Centre.


If you would like to participate please, fill-in the open-session-eu-funds-registration-form, and e-mail by 15th September to ASOLOMON@SEERC.ORG