10. The Impact of Global Information Flows on Triple Helix Interactions and University-Industry Relationships

Track conveners – Todd Lefko, International Business Development Company, USA, tlefko@msn.com,
Dr. Alexi Titkov, Russian University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia, yazoon@list.ru,
Ali Sibai, Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Beruit, Lebanon, ali.sibai@gmail.com,
and Dr. Artyom Rykun, Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia, artyom.rykun@yandex.ru.

The common thread of Triple Helix is the quality and utilization of information systems across the helices. The growth of multiple information infrastructures both encourages and discourages the ability of cooperation between academic, governmental and business institutions. New issues of governmental limitations, upon access to the internet, growth of security classifications systems and the rapidly changing technology of sharing alter the ability for Triple Helix expansion.

This track will both analyse and encourage the research and sharing of information on the role and impact of information systems upon Triple Helix development. Research issues will include, but not be limited to modification of communication systems, expanding governmental control patterns, methods of constraint, impacts of cybersecurity, the overload of data, the forms of communication, the systems of education in both academic and private sectors and how information is defined and utilized will be examined, as well as the symbols and meanings and their role in triple helix perceptions.

Other issues that may be examined are:

– The changes in governmental definitions of Freedom of Information
– Existing successful strategies for the expansion of information among Triple Helix partners
– Progress and limitations of open flows of information and data
– New triple helix alliances created because of information flows
– How to create a common understanding of language and messaging in the development of Triple Helix model, as information platform
– The impact of information overload on analysis and implementation for Triple Helix
– Who are and will become the information brokers of the future


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