21. Foresight: Enhancing Policy and Corporate Decision Making

Track conveners – Djordje Pinter, Austrian Institute of Technology/Triple Helix Association, Austria, djordje.pinter@triplehelixassociation.org


During the last decades foresight activities have been used increasingly within policy and corporate decision making. This is due to the rising complexity and competition within markets and technologies for firms causing governmental innovation and research programs to be well adjusted by policy makers to support identified critical industries. However, the field is very fragmented and still confusing in practical usage. This session will highlight new insights from academia regarding the impact of foresight activities on performance and quality of decisions. Furthermore, foresight methods, cases and current activities within policy and corporate decision making will be discussed.

We want to foster a debate regarding the following issues:

  • What is the understanding of forsight and how can the theoretical framework be enhanced?
  • How can foresight acitivities be used to support strategic decision making in policy and corporate environments?
  • What is the impact on foresight activities on the outcome (qualitative and quantitative outcomes)?
  • What are the difficulties faced with implementing foresight activities?
  • What are the areas of application of foresight in policy and corporate decision making?
  • What is the impact of culture on the usage of foresight on national and form level?
  • What are the cultural, organisational and institutional antecedents of foresight initiatives?
  • How are foresight activities conducted in practice?

This track aims to collect academic  findings, practitcal insights and issues faced with the usage of foresight methods in policy and corporate decision making to understand the impact and supportive context. Thereby, new research can be motivated and new models of conducting foresight in fields of interst can evolve.