Videos & Documents


Sunday Plenary Global Crises: Searching for Solutions

Chair Prof. Henry Etzkowitz – Welcome and Introduction


Dr. Dimitri Corpakis –  European Perspective on Global Crisis: Mapping the Potential of the Triple Helix Players


Dr. Thomas Kirchhoff – Global Ecological Problems: Reflections on Prominent Solution Approaches from the Perspective of Philosophy of Nature and Ecosystem Theory


Laura Henderson – How Rapid Access to Research Drives Economies and Can Solve Our Global Problems



Monday Plenary Innovation in Germany – Doing Good, but Making Even Better

Chair Riccardo Viale and Dr. Martin Raditsch – The Role of Industry-University Cooperation for the German Innovation System



Prof. Christoph Kratky – New Structures and Ideas for the German Education


Questions to Prof. Kratky


Dr. Carl Zillich – International Comparison of “Knowledge Pearls” and their Academia and Industry Relations concerning Governance and Urban Planning



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